'Secret Window' fake dog for the killing scene

Fake dog, matching a real one, used in the movie 'Secret Window'

'Henry skinned alive'; Canadian Screen Award 2013.

'Henry skinned alive' prosthetics make-up  done for Being Human (season 2, US) on actor Kyle Schmid. One of that season's character make-ups that won us the Canadian Screen Award 2013.

'Assassin's Creed' bracelets

Custom-made costume props for the shooting of 'Assassin's Creed' short movie/ trailer.

Cast in flexible urethane and airbrushed.

likeness Bobble Heads from photos

Custom Bobble Heads made for the crew of the morning TV show 'Caféine'

'Pig' gelatin prosthetics for nose and ears

Gelatin prosthetic make-up done for a 'Maison Bonneville' TV ad.

'Billy Bob' urethane head

Had some fun with a resculpted headcast as an homage to redneck-ness! Urethane.


'Ball-of-eyes' for the Québec movie 'Saint-Martyrs-des-Damnés'

Animatronic prop/ creature with silicone skin over a fiberglas underskull. Made for the movie 'Saint-Martyrs-des-Damnés' in 2004, it has a diameter of almost 2 meters.

'Lungs' breath through 'bladders'...65 servo-motors were used for blinking eyes, rolling eyeballs and eyebrow movements.

'Josh' wolf transformation, stage 1

First transformation stage gelatin prosthetics applied on actor Sam Huntington for the TV series Being Human (US, season 1),

Custom dentures, lenses, back and chest prosthetics that inflate with bladders, fingertips, ears...hair growing added by the guys at Oblique CG.