Quite proud of the awards and recognitions gotten since my beginnings, including a ‘Hollywood Guild Award 2002’, a ‘Gemini nomination’ 2011, 5x ‘Canadian Screen Awards’ 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018 in the make-up field, and more than 30x ‘Best-Of’s and ‘Golds’ in the resin kits painting field, and still going after more this year…

‘Canadian Screen Awards’ nomination for 2015, again for the excellent TV series ‘Being Human’, completed the 4-seasons, 4-nominations sweep for us with that project!

We were also nominated at the ‘Gémeaux 2016’ Gala for the beautifully done tv series ‘Pour Sarah’ with Virginie Boudreau and Nathalie Dion.

Looking forward to more at the ‘Canadian Screen Awards’ Galas in Toronto where the winners will be announced next month. GO ’19-2′ (TV) and ‘Les Affamés’ (MOVIE). To be continued!

2018 also brought Lifemaker FX an ‘Iris’ nomination (former Jutra Awards) for the excellent ‘The Ravenous’ zombie movie.

Best Makeup
The Ravenous
2018 Canadian Screen Awards

Best Motion Picture Makeup
The Ravenous
2018 IRIS

Best Achievement in Makeup
Being Human Season 3-4
2014-2015 Canadian Screen Awards