Some of the team members posing with the ‘Henry Muscles’ character from Being Human 2014.

The main people at the shop are Jean-Michel Rossignol (with Lifemaker for more than 11 years) and Edwina Voda (with Lifemaker for 12 years); among our regular contributors are Karl Gosselin (from Twins FX, doing animatronics), Francis Gosselin (graphic artist),  Lionel Lê, Brigitte Bilodeau, Julie Brisebois, Jessica Girard, Lia Lugojan (Black Diamonds Design), Marina Lesage, etc.

I have worked alongside some amazing artists over the years either as a subcontractor, partner or employer and I wanted to thank them publicly for sharing their talent and techniques with me: Martin Jutras, Adrien Morot, Marie-France Guy, Wesley Wofford, CJ Goldman, Véronique Perron, Marie-Pier Martineau, Caroline Aquin, Julie Brisebois, Bruno Gatien, Mark Unterberger, Véronik Lecompte, Valérie Giard, Steve Kostanski, David Marti Mayor, Montse Ribe, Damian Fisher, Ryan Nicholson, Doug Morrow, Geraldine Courchesne, Mark Garbarino, Patrick Tenascon, Pascal Hébert, etc.

Edwina Voda’s website here: